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Tuff Blind Hunting Blinds


Tuff Blinds

We've taken our love for hunting and our experience making durable truck accessories and combined them to create a hunting blind worthy of the Stampede name. Our Tuff Hunting Blinds are perfect for deer hunting or turkey hunting with archery or firearm. They are also great for just observing nature without being seen.

The Tuff Blind, hunting blind is virtually maintenance free just hose it down whenever you need to, and being made of a solid plastic material the hunting blind will not absorb your scent. Assembly takes 1 hour or less with minimal tools needed and when fully assembled will fit into the bed of a full size pickup for transportation. Although designed with hunting in mind, the Tuff Blind is ideally suited as an ice fishing shelter as well. Optional accessories available for the hunting blinds include a custom designed swivel chair to put you at just the right height inside the blind; along with our 5' and 10' towers, which accommodate both our single and condo blinds.

The TUFF BLIND is a lightweight modular hunting blind molded using the same ABS material as our truck accessories. The Tuff Blind has loads of great features including...


  • Room for 2 and Your Gear
  • Easy to Assemble and Relocate
  • Mounts to an Elevated Platform (sold separately)
  • 4 Large - 8 Small Windows
  • 8 Portholes
  • Windows on all sides for a 360° view
  • 2 Interior Accessory Trays
  • Locking Door Latch
  • Large Entry Door
  • Exterior Grade Plywood Floor
  • Wheelchair Friendly


  • Height - 6'6"
  • Width - 5' x 5'
  • Weight - 130 lbs (Fully Assembled)
  • Door - 54" x 26"
  • Big Windows (4) - 18.5" x 17"
  • Small Windows (8) - 15" x 7"
  • Portholes (8) - 1¼" x 5"

3 Position Windows

Separate panes in each window allow you to have the windows fully open for ventilation, or closed with tinted acrylic or solid camo panes for complete concealment while in the hunting blind.

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